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About us

SDC’s Development Policy Shareweb is hosted by the Division Analysis & Policy (A&P), which is SDC‘s competence centre for development policies.

A&P enables SDC to drive change and innovation for global sustainable development through foresight, analysis, research, policy influencing and debates on international cooperation and development relevant policies and strategies. A&P engages with Swiss and international actors to foster a transformative agenda in favour of the most vulnerable:

  • Enabling SDC to anticipate new challenges and be responsive to emerging issues;
  • Identifying and tackling trade-offs, in order to foster policy coherence for sustainable development;
  • Working closely with its network of partners, in particular the OECD, other federal offices, think tanks and research institutions.




FDFA Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
SDC Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Division Analysis and Policy
Freiburgstrasse 130, CH 3003 Bern / Switzerland

Email: analyse.politik@eda.admin.ch