Documents - F2F Meeting on Land Governance

"Inclusive Land Governance - Road to a better life”
F2F Meeting of the SDC networks Agriculture and Food Security (A+FS) and Democratisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance (DDLGN)
5-9 September 2016, Sursee Switzerland


Keynote speech
Inclusive land governance, road to a better life
Lorenzo Cotula, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Swiss land governance system
Inclusive Land Governance: The Swiss System
Ueli Straub, Agridea

Field visit briefs
Visit 1: Inheritance law and farm transfer
Visit 2: Common land use
Visit 3: Farm cooperation
Visit 4: Spatial Planning
Visit 5: Farmland market and voluntary property consolidation
Visit 6: Expropriation and Waterprotection
Visit 7: Constructing outside building zone
Visit 8: Nature conservancy, ecological balance

Country studies
Brazil: Full study | 2-pager | f2f-presentation
Cambodia: Full study | 2-pager | f2f-presentation
Mozambique: Full study | 2-pager | f2f-presentation
Switzerland: Full study | 2-pager

Right to food
Are the Tenure Guidelines contributing to the realization of the right to food? - FIAN's preliminary assessment
Sofía Monsalve, FIAN International
How are the Voluntary Guidelines used to report in the human rights systems in Geneva?
Ana Maria Suarez-Franco, FIAN International

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