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Start of the e-discussion on the nexus DRR- climate change- migration- economic development in North Africa!

The challenges of poor economies, climate change, natural disasters and socio-political instability are acting as triggers for many people to change their livelihoods up to migrating elsewhere. This is particularly true for Africa. Our SDC colleagues in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia have expressed their interest to explore the nexus between climate change, natural disasters, economic development and migration in the context of North Africa.

We are interested to hear about the situation in different regions, not only North Africa. We want to explore e.g. the effect of climate change and natural disasters as a possible initial driver of internal migration. Is it the first step towards far-reaching trans-boundary migration? Are there examples where positive economic development (stimulated e.g. via the creation of new income generation opportunities) has stopped or even reversed rural to urban migration? Such questions shall be addressed and concrete cases, experiences and lessons learnt shared.

Brown Bag Lunch - SDC Europaplatz, Thursday, 18 February 2016, 12.15 - 13.45


The BBL will shed light on the learning process, present the results and share the extracted recommendations. Catering: Bring your own lunch; fruits & drinks will be provided.

Registration: Please register by e-mail (cosude.amlat@eda.admin.ch)   









New Publication: "Rethinking Good Practices in Land and Water Management, Integrating Climate Risks and Finance Mechanisms"

Why do watersheds matter when it comes to poor people's livelihoods, their access to water or their protection from disasters and climate change? 

  • People living in watersheds know each other;

  • People living in watersheds know their environment;

  • People's income depends on the watersheds;

50 development professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean, and from SDC Head Office, comprising five thematic knowledge networks, met for one week in Nicaragua to generate evidence on successful watershed management interventions.

Read the 10 key messages at the beginning of the report. They will make a difference in your next project design.


SDC holds CEDRIG workshop in Cochabamba, Bolivia from 27 – 30 October 2015 with participants from Nicaragua and Bolivia.

SDC has invited 33 participants from 4 regions of Bolivia and Nicaragua to attend a 4 day CEDRIG training course in Cochabamba, Bolivia, that started on 27 October 2015. The participants come from 8 different sectors and representing various Ministries and local Authorities. The Government officials and NGO representatives at the workshop are very motivated to learn about DRR as well as adaptation to climate change and to degraded environments. The workshop was facilitated by Roberto Mendez and Naraya Carasco from SDC.

In Bolivia the level of awareness and understanding concerning those issues has significantly increased in the last few years. Last May, a new law entered into force requiring that all public investments have to include analysis and measures to decrease risks from climate change, natural hazards and environmental degradation.

In this context the participants of the CEDRIG workshop learn how to integrate DRR & CCA into the planning of projects which is in line with and a first step to start operationalizing the new law.

CEDRIG workshop just finished in Esteli, Nicaragua: Participants learnt how to mainstream DRR, CC and environmental issues in their projects.

The workshop was organized jointly by SDC’s networks for Disaster Risk Reduction and CC&E. The course is part of SDC’s commitments to the subject of CCA and DRR, whose importance has been confirmed in the Swiss Parliament’s Message on International Cooperation 2013 - 2016. The purpose of the course, in addition to raising awareness of the importance of integrating DRR, CCA and E in development initiatives, is to train the participants in using the guide and to set an agenda for applying it to programs and projects supported by SDC and its partners in the different countries. Are you working for SDC? Would you be interested to learn from a CEDRIG workshop? Contact the focal point  to check about possibilities.

Regional F2F Meeting in Nicaragua

A Multi-Network F2F Meeting on “Rethinking best practices in integrated water and soil management at multiple scales at basin level, integrating climate risks and financial mechanisms for scaling up" was held in Nicaragua from 6 to 10 July 2015; under "Evento Mulitredes COSUDE" videos (in Spanish) and photos are now available.more » under "Reportaje Social" videos (in Spanish) and photos are now available.


​​Video: Integrated Disaster Risk Management for a Resilient World

More than 55 million people worldwide have fled their homes, including 20 million because of natural disasters and climate change. A paradigm shift that moves us away from responding to natural disasters to taking preventive action is needed because  an increase in natural risks can be expected. This video briefly explains why integrated disaster risk management approach which Switzerland advocate's can contribute to a more resilient world.   


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