Water and environmental sanitation services for the poor (WESSP)

Global Research and Capacity development with High Impact on Practice

Global Research and Capacity development with High Impact on Practice is a project (2015 to 2017) supported by the Swiss Development Agency (SDC) in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG). 

The research targeted drinking water treatment, sanitation planning, excreta and solid waste management in different African, Asian and South American countries. Regarding water quality and treatment three master's students completed their thesis, which consolidated recommendation for a program on water quality in Nepal. Furthermore, the activities on management of excreta, wastewater and sludge enabled the graduation of five master's students. This leaded to a pilot-scale feacal sludge dewatering facility that was constructed at the University of Dar es Salaam to test affordable treatment option. The results have been shared in a conference paper and presentation. In addition, the solid waste group contributed significantly to knowledge on management and treatment approaches for the organic fraction in municipal waste. As for dissemination and capacity development two main milestone were achieved ("Biowaste management" and Open online course-MOOC). Moreover, in the last phase of the project new planning approaches and formats for small town sanitation planning were developed. This was highlighted by the dissemination and capacity development of the massive open online course on Planning and Design of Sanitation Systems and Technologies.

SDC Division: SDC Global Cooperation

Country / Region: Africa, Asia, Latin America

Duration: 2015-2017  

Key results and products

Policy brief on appropriate Sanitation Planning for Small Towns

Sanitation plan has been developed for the city of Tikapur in Nepal, based on a participatory approach

Policy Brief on biowaste management as key for public health and environmental pro­tection

The development of adaptive mobile technology for monitoring and evaluating waters upplies has been achieved through field laboratories linked to Akvo FLOW platform for information management.

Drinking Water Quality in Improved Water Supplies in Burkina Faso

An Impact Evaluation of Multiple-Use Water Services in Morogoro Region 2016 in Tanzania


Video: Sludge treatment options for densely populated urban areas, and focused on fecal sludge dewatering as an affordable option

Online course: MOOC on faecal sludge management 

ArticlesSeveral articles were published in the context of increasing job opportunities and financial flows for sanitation in poor urban areas, such as the article ‘Operating parameters of faecal sludge slow-pyrolysis for three resource recovery options’, published in the Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development