Water Stewardship Programme in Latin America

Evaluations of SDC’s Corporate Water Stewardship Programme in Latin America

An external evaluation of the Global Programme El Agua nos Une - SuizAgua (2016-2020) covering the five countries Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Mexico has been finalized. The evaluation is based on the OECD guidelines, and looked at the following four lines of action:

  1. Corporate Water Stewardship in five countries,
  2. Community of Practice on water management in Latin America,
  3. strengthening instruments of Public Policy in Colombia,
  4. investment on eco-systemic services in Colombia: “miPáramo".

Apart from the overall evaluation, also the evaluations at the level of each country are available (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Brazil).


Screen shot: Summary table of the results of the evaluation


Factsheet: El Agua Nos Une – SuizAgua América Latina

Contact: Diana Rojas (SDC Colombia) or Lea Valaulta (Global Programme Water)