Trend Observatory in Water

Global trends in water and beyond - SDC's Trend Observatory

The “Trend Observatory in Water” aims at keeping the RésEAU members informed about emerging trends and innovative approaches in the water and related sectors.

Global developments such as climate change, population growths, and diminishing resources put increasing stress on the use and management of the world’s water resources. Recent studies reveal that rapid changes can be observed globally in both, freshwater availability and the ecosystems sustaining them.

Therefore, identifying and assessing emerging challenges and opportunities in the water and related sectors is becoming increasingly important in order to enable adequate responses to these developments.

A short video introduces major global trends and their implications for the water sector to accompany the launch of the Trend Observatory at the Regional Water Team Days of the Sub-RésEAU Africa (Niger, 27-30.05.2019) and Sub-RésEAU Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Bosnia, 11-13.06.2019).

Thematic and region-specific “trendsheets” analyse specific global trends. The first trendsheet focuses on the opportunities offered by digital technologies for reduction of inequalities related to water availability, accessibility and distribution.


Trendsheet "Digital Technology" (Eng)

Trendsheet "Les technologies numériques" (FR)


 Watch the video on the Global Trends and Water                 Webinar Recording from 20 January 2020