Transboundary Water Governance

Transboundary Water Governance: Foundations of International Water Security

The BRIDGE (Building River Dialogue and Governance) programme works by supporting the capacities of countries sharing river or lake basins to implement effective water management arrangements through a shared vision, benefit-sharing principles and transparent and coherent institutional frameworks.

Implemented by IUCN and regional partners, BRIDGE works at the interface of hydro-diplomacy and local governance to promote new approaches in transboundary water management by:

      • Facilitating cooperation;
      • Strengthening inter‐governmental capacities; and
      • Creating spaces for dialogue and agreements.

BRIDGE works from national to international levels to support cooperation between stakeholders and States for good water management. The programme focuses on supporting stakeholders to reduce tensions and improve cooperation over shared water resources. In doing so, reducing the potential for conflicts through enhanced regional cooperation.

Launched in 2011, the programme has expanded its work from nine to fourteen transboundary basins across Asia, Latin America and Africa. Linkages are made from the river basin to the regional entities (such as the Regional economic communities of Africa) to share and use knowledge and lessons generated throughout the regions.

Duration: 2019 – 2021

Budget: CHF 6.66 million (81% covered by SDC)

Contact: Stephanie Piers de Raveschoot of the Global Programme Water

Areas of Work of the BRIDGE Programme 2019-2021