The Blue Peace Index

The Blue Peace Index

The Blue Peace Index, developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) with the SDC and a large panel of experts, is built across five pillars of evaluation:

  1. Policy and legal frameworks
  2. Institutional arrangements and participation
  3. Water management instruments
  4. Infrastructure and financing
  5. Cooperation

The Index has many uses:

      • assessing the level of good governance in the water management of a river basin, and monitoring it over time
      • identifying weaknesses and strengths, to balancing actions for improvement between those that deliver quick visible results and the more long-term interventions for systemic change
      • raising awareness and understanding about the elements and contextual factors for good regional water management
      • helping to guide smart and targeted investments in the region

The inaugural 2019 index was applied to five river basins at different levels of development in different parts of the world: Amazon, Mekong, Sava, Senegal, and Tigris-Euphrates. It has gained strong interest from different parties, such as a student, who applied the Blue Peace Index on the Colorado and Columbia rivers in 2019.

The application of the index to additional river basins is underway. If you are interested in applying the index to your own work and/or river basin, please reach out to Stephanie Piers de Raveschoot of the Global Programme Water.

  Example of a river basin rating

Duration: 2019 – 2023

Budget: CHF 769,000 (57% covered by SDC)

Factsheet:The Blue Peace Index

Website: Blue Peace Index

Summary: SDC Project databse

Contact: Stephanie Piers de Raveschoot