SuizAgua América Latina

SDC’s Corporate Water Stewardship Programme in Latin America “El Agua Nos Une – SuizAgua América Latina”

This project seeks to influence water governance in five countries - Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Brazil - through four lines of actions:

  1. Corporate water stewardship;
  2. Community of Practice on water management;
  3. Strengthening instruments of Public Policy; and
  4. Investing in ecosystem services.

The project operates as a public-private partnership, identifying and tackling water related risks through the evaluation and reduction of the water footprint in production processes. So far, fifty-one companies have been investing in improvements to their own efficiency in use, treatment and reuse of water.

Panel discussion at a regional event in Colombia in 2019

Duration: 2016 – 2020

Budget: CHF 2 million

Contact: Kenneth Peralta or Lea Valauta Naamneh of the Global Programme Wate