Small-Medium-Large (SML): Water Stewardship in the Greater Mekong Region 

The project aims to reduce pollution and improve water and energy management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Greater Mekong Region that are active in the production of clothing (Vietnam) and food & beverages (Myanmar).

It will help SMEs who share common water resources to address shared water risks through more informed production and investment decisions. It will also support their resource management strategies to gain operational efficiency and minimize external resource dependency.

This will involve bringing the business community closer to public sector decision-makers at both the regional and national levels to allow sound water management and links between water and other emerging challenges to be governed through a transboundary perspective.

Vietnam is among the world’s top five exporters of apparel and textiles, leaving a significant environmental footprint on local ecosystems and people (© WWF Vietnam)

11.2019 – 10.2023

SDC Budget: USD 1.8 million

Implementing Partners: WWF Myanmar, Vietnam & Greater Mekong

Contact: Andreas Steiner of the Global Programme Water