SMEs in water stewardship

Tackling apparel sector pollution through engaging SMEs in water stewardship

This project will equip the Ethiopian clothing industry with the skills to assess and tackle the water-related challenges they face, and contribute to solutions, via application of the 'AWS Standard'. It will work along the whole value chain (from cotton growers to textile producers and garment manufacturers) to generate replicable actions and evidence on the benefits of water stewardship. This will be used to mobilise support for better policies, regulation and investments across the Ethiopian clothing sector.

Furthermore, the project will coordinate with relevant national and global stakeholders to maximise impact. In particular, working with Multi-National Corporations so that they provide leadership and support to suppliers in their supply chains to tackle water-related challenges faced by SMEs.

Seed cotton harvesting by small scale farmer in Dansha District, Ethiopia © Mekdes Yibel, Solidaridad

Duration: 01.2020 – 12.2022

SDC Budget: £1.6 million (out of £3.3 million)

Implementing Partners: Consortium Alliance for Water Stewardship / Water Witness International / Aid by Trade Foundation / CDP / Solidaridad Ethiopia

Contact: Andreas Steiner of the Global Programme Water (GPW)