Direct Action

Direct Action: providing expertise in complex settings

Direct Actions are projects where SHA directly supports local actors. Examples of Direct Actions include:

      • In the People's Republic of North Korea, where SHA built water systems, introduced a new methodology to protect groundwater sources and innovative ways of addressing sanitation concerns.
      • In Lebanon, since 2016, SHA provides support to the Bekaa Water Establishment to automate the Operation and Management of water and sanitation services for a population of 500,000 locals and 400,000 refugees.
      • In Bangladesh, a WASH Technical Resource Unit created in 2019 provided training and state-of-the-art know-how in sanitation to support the Department of Public Health Engineering in charge of local population and a million Rohingya refugees.
      • In Mozambique, building on the 2019 Rapid Response, thousands of wells are being rehabilitated by local partners with a technical backstopping by SHA experts.



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