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Jun 11
Water Team Days 2019 Eastern Europe and Central Asia - Day 1

Today the Regional Water Team Days of the Sub-RésEAU Eastern Europe and Central Asia in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, started.

Objective of these RWTD is to learn and share experience and evidence-based knowledge on topic of common interest and to plan activities of the EECA Sub-RésEAU.
Thematic focuses are:
Topic 1. Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater treatment is a key component of Swiss projects in the Western Balkans and Central Asia.
Topic 2. Water and sanitation as entry point for improved governance
Provision and improvement of concrete services such as water can be an important “entry point” for
building capacities of local public administration for planning, budgeting and management.

Day 1 focused on understanding the thematic focuses: wastewater treatment and water and sanitation as entry point for improved governance.
Introductory inputs were provided on Swiss cooperation overview in the region - why water and wastewater as entry points for good governance, Exploring the mutual reinforcing link between water and governance and Mapping key challenges for sustainable wastewater treatment plat operation.
The following inputs were seven case studies, presented through poster presentations.

In the afternoon, we started the group work in two thematic groups for wastewater treatment and local governance. For the first phase, each of these thematic groups was split into two regional groups in which the main challenges, requirements and stakeholders were analysed. The results were compared and discussed interregionally, before being presented in the plenary.

The day ended with a voluntary visit to the museum and a joint dinner next to the Una river.


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