Sub-ResEAU Latin America

Sub-RésEAU Latin America and Caribbean

The Sub-RésEAU Latin America and the Caribbean is the regional water network of SDC staff and implementing partners in Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia and Haiti.

Contact person for the Sub-RésEAU:

  • Xenia Kirchhofer, Programme Officer, Thematic Responsible Water and Climate Change, SDC Bern



                                                                                                    F2F RésEAU de COSUDE para América Latina y el Caribe 5 - 7 noviembre 2018, Lima - Perú


Recent activties: 

Regional face-to-face Sub-RésEAU LAC Documenation, November 05 – 07, 2018 (document with links to presentations of case studies and further information)

2013 Ayuda Memoria Encuentro Sub-ResEAU LAC.pdf
1/9/2019 2:33 PMTheis Stephanie
2013-2014 LAC ​Planning document Sub-RésEAU.pdf
1/9/2019 2:27 PMTheis Stephanie
2014-2015 Planning document Sub-RésEAU LAC.pdf
1/9/2019 2:34 PMTheis Stephanie
2018 Regional face-to-face Sub-RésEAU LAC.pdf
1/14/2019 10:21 AMTheis Stephanie