Webinars Social Protection in times of Covid-19



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​Webinars on the role of social protection in response to COVID-19 and to leave no one behind

The knowledge-sharing platform on social protection regularly offers webinars on the role of social protection in response to the pandemic as well as to leave no one behind. You can access the recordings of the selected webinars afterwards as well.

 Fiscal Equity and Leaving No One Behind​ | 28 October 2021

 Transitioning from humanitarian cash to social protection in protracted crises – the case of Iraq | 14 October 2021

 Lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis: moving towards inclusive social protection for persons with disabilities?​​ 8 July 

Taking stock at the one-year mark: social protection during COVID-19 and beyond​ | 25 March 2021​​​

COVID-19 et sécurité sociale en Afrique de l’Ouest – réponse à la crise et innovation | 16 March 2021​

The impact of the economic crisis caused​ by COVID-19 pandemic on poverty and inequality​ | 23 February 2021​

 From COVID-19 Response to Broader Social Protection Reform – Regional Experiences | 4 February 2021

 Leave ​no one behind: mov​ing the agenda forward | 21 January 2021

 Social Protection in Response to COVID-19 & Beyond -Emerging Lessons​ | 3 December 2020

Social Protection Responses to COVID-19: Are We Doing Enough? 19 November 2020

 Women, Informal Work & COVID-19: Data-based Policy Considerations​​ | 21 October 2020

 Telehealth for the provision of comprehensive care solutions to children in the face of COVID-19 | 20 October 2020

 Southern Countries' Response to COVID-19: Perspectives from PEP Researchers | 30 September 2020

 Social protection in the COVID-19 era: What does the evidence tell us? 22 September 2020

 Embedding localisation in the COVID-19 response​ | 22 September 2020

 Successes and challenges in ensuring inclusive responses​ | 17 September 2020

 Impact of COVID-19 crisis on investment of social security funds​ | 17 September 2020

 GBV & Social Protection in COVID-19 and beyond – evidence & emerging practice​ | 10 September 2020

​​​ Financing Solutions for Social Protection in COVID-19 Response and ​Recovery​ | 4 September 2020

 Rethinking economic inclusion for the poorest in the COVID-19 context​​ | 3 September 2020

 Inclusion of persons with disabilities in social protection for COVID-19 recovery and beyond​​ | 1 September 2020

 Social protection systems of Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan prior and reacting to COVID-19 20 August 2020

 The role of local and national actors in linking humanitarian cash & social protection 13 August 2020

 Policies to address COVID-19’s impact on Africa’s informal sector | 6 August 2020

 Protecting the Poor from COVID-19 Shock | 29 July 2020

 Reaching r​ural areas in the social protection response to COVID-19: opportunities and challenges | 28 July 2020

 The Covid-19 crisis facing informal workers – what can be done?​15 July 2020

 Why are human rights considerations fundamental to social protection responses to COVID-19? 14 July 2020

 COVID-19 Aftershocks: Out of Time to End Hunger and Child Poverty by 2030​10 July 2020

 Impact of COVID-19 and social protection: What measures work?​ 8 July 2020

 Poverty monitoring in the context of COVID-19 | 15 June 2020

 Identification and registration of beneficiaries for SP responses in the wake of COVID-19 | 2 June 2020

 Impact of COVID​-19 on public works programs: policy options in the short and medium term​ | 26 May 2020

 Linking Social Protection and humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) 21 May 2020

 Impacts of COVID-19 on ​care politics | 19 May 2020​​

 Coronavirus Crisis – Challenges and Responses: maintaining essential health services 12 May 2020

 Social protection financing in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond | 5 May 2020

 Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on formal sector workers: (potential) social protection res​ponses | 28 April 2020

 ​Impacts of th​e COVID-19 crisis on employment: (potential) solutions for informal/ self-employed workers | 21 April 2020

 Lessons learnt and Opportunities: Linking social protection systems to humanitarian cash in a pandemic | 16 April 2020

 G2P Payments in COVID-19 context: key areas of action and experiences from country emergency action | 14 April 2020

 Social protection responses to COVID-19: Actions that can make a difference for older people | 9 April 2020

 How can social protection systems respond to the COVID-19 crisis? 7 April 2020

 Exploring universal basic income: lessons for COVID-19 response and beyond | ​31 March 2020​