Webinars Social Protection in times of Covid-19



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​Webinars on role of social protection in response to COVID-19

The knowledge-sharing platform on social protection currently offers several webinars on the role of social protection in response to the pandemic:

Taking stock at the one-year mark: social protection during COVID-19 and beyond​
25 March 2021​​​

COVID-19 et sécurité sociale en Afrique de l’Ouest – réponse à la crise et innovation
16 March 2021​

The impact of the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic on poverty and inequality
23 February 2021​

From COVID-19 Response to Broader Social Protection Reform – Regional Experiences
4 February 2021

Leave ​no one behind: mov​ing the agenda forward
21 January 2021

Social Protection in Response to COVID-19 and Beyond - Emerging Lessons on the Foundations of Delivery Systems​
3 December 2020

Social Protection Responses to COVID-19: Are We Doing Enough?
19 November 2020

Women, Informal Work & COVID-19: Data-based Policy Considerations​​
21 October 2020

Telehealth for the provision of comprehensive care solutions to children in the face of COVID-19
20 October 2020

Southern Countries' Response to COVID-19: Perspectives from PEP Researchers
30 September 2020

Social protection in the COVID-19 era: What does the evidence tell us?
22 September 2020

Embedding localisation in the COVID-19 response​
22 September 2020


In conversation: linking humanitarian cash and social protection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: successes and challenges in ensuring inclusive responses​
17 September 2020

Impact of COVID-19 crisis on investment of social security funds​
17 September 2020

GBV & Social Protection in COVID-19 and beyond – evidence & emerging practice​
10 September 2020

Financing Solutions for Social Protection in COVID-19 Response and Recovery​
4 September 2020

Rethinking economic inclusion for the poorest in the COVID-19 context​​
3 September 2020

Inclusion of persons with disabilities in social protection for COVID-19 recovery and beyond​​
1 September 2020

Profiles of the social protection systems of Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan prior to COVID-19 and snapshot of their responses to the pandemic​​
20 August 2020


The role of local and national actors in linking humanitarian cash and social protection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
13 August 2020

Policies to address COVID-19’s impact on Africa’s informal sector
6 August 2020

Protecting the Poor from COVID-19 Shock
29 July 2020

Reaching r​ural areas in the social protection response to COVID-19: opportunities and challenges
28 July 2020

The Covid-19 crisis facing informal workers – what can be done?​

15 July 2020

Why are human rights considerations fundamental to social protection responses to COVID-19?
14 July 2020

COVID-19 Aftershocks: Out of Time to End Hunger and Child Poverty by 2030​

10 July 2020

Impact of COVID-19 and social protection: What measures work?​
8 July 2020


Poverty monitoring in the context of COVID-19
15 June 2020


Identification and registration of beneficiaries for SP responses in the wake of COVID-19: challenges and opportunities
2 June 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on public works programs: policy options in the short and medium term​
26 May 2020

Linking Social Protection and humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) – what do we really know and where to start? Findings from the CaLP commissioned high level briefing paper at the time of COVID-19
21 May 2020

Impacts of COVID-19 on care politics
19 May 2020​​

Coronavirus Crisis – Challenges and Responses: maintaining essential health services while responding to COVID-19
12 May 2020

Social protection financing in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond5 May 2020

 Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on formal sector workers: (potential) social protection responses
28 April 2020

 ​Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on employment: (potential) solutions for informal/ self-employed workers
21 April 2020

Lessons learnt and Opportunities: Linking social protection systems to humanitarian cash in a pandemic
16 April 2020

 G2P Payments in COVID-19 context: key areas of action and experiences from country emergency action
14 April 2020

 Social protection responses to COVID-19: Actions that can make a difference for older people9 April 2020

 How can social protection systems respond to the COVID-19 crisis?7 April 2020

 Exploring universal basic income: lessons for COVID-19 response and beyond31 March 2020​