Social Protection Learning


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SDC offers a range of online learning tools on social protection from within and outside the organisation. Find here a selection of introductory courses and webinars:​​


​​SDC Online Learning Series on Social Protection (2021-2022)

Social protection is an economic investment. It plays a key role in mitigating economic and social risks and combating the root causes of vulnerability, poverty, (gender) inequality and exclusion. The SDC's training encompasses nine learning events spread over a period of one year. The first two modules generate a common understanding of the concept, instruments and impacts of social protection and constitute the basis for the seven technically more specialised following modules.   ​
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Introductory Courses

Explore a compilation of self-paced and instructor-paced courses on various matters related to social protection. 

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Webinars are offered by different organisations and platforms on relevant social protection topics and issues on a continuous basis. In order to receive updates you can subscribe to the relevant websites. 

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