Online Courses and Further Education in Social Protection



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Online Courses and Further Education in Social Protection

On this page, we regularly post and feature online courses and further education offers that are available in the area of social protection:

Poverty Analysis to achieve SDGs 1 and 2 - free online course

The platform has launched its first self-paced online course in the spring of 2020: “Poverty Analysis to Achieve SDGs 1 and 2”. It is offered by the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) and co-authored and co-sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The course covers multiple inter-sectoral elements and processes that are vital for policy and programme design and implementation in sub-Saharan African countries, in an effort to reach Sustainable Development Goals 1 (end poverty in all its forms everywhere) and 2 (end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture), especially in rural areas. Click here for more information and to start the course.​​​»​

Social prote​ction programmes - self-paced micro-course

​Social protection programmes and interventions have a wide range of policy objectives, from poverty alleviation to employment promotion, and they target different population groups (formal workers, elderly and people with disabilities, vulnerable families with children, etc.) to provide them with different types of benefits (cash, goods, services, or a combination of these). This self-paced micro-course introduces you to different types of social protection programmes and their main design features. It also discusses how these programmes can be classified under the main instruments of social protection, namely social insurance, social assistance and labour market policies, including possible overlaps and grey zones in classifications. You will also learn about specific examples of social protection programmes in Brazil, India and Kenya.Find out more»​​

'What is Social Protection? An introduction' micro-course

​Social protection is often associated broadly with policies and programmes that seek to protect people from poverty and vulnerability. However, there is no universal definition of social protection and different organisations adopt differe​nt defin​​itions. This is the second course of a series of five micro-courses developed in partnership with the IPC-IG, GIZ and The first course 'What is Social Protection? An introduction' was launched in April 2020 and focuses on introducing the main concepts and definitions of social protection. Find out more»​​

Free online course "Social Protection: a​ Primer"​​​

Never has the need for social protection been greater. In response to the economic and social fallout of Covid-19, almost every country in the world has introduced or expanded programmes that support those who are most vulnerable.​ ​Join the free online course by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) ​​​to learn about the basics of social protection and its implementation around the world.​ ​Find out more and enrol»​

CVA and Social Protection Part 1: Linking Humanitarian CVA and Social Protection: an Introduction​​​​​

This 1 to 2 hour course offers an introduction to Social Protection, and a first look at the ways in which it can be linked to humanitarian cash assistance.​​ ​Find out more»​

CVA and Social Protection Part 2: Designing CVA that is Linked to Social Protection

This is the second part of a 2-part course on linking humanitarian CVA with Social Protection and takes around 3 hours to complete. This course involves an in-depth look at linking humanitarian CVA and Social Protection.​ ​Find out mo​re»​