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​OECD Report 'Can Social Protection be an Engine for Inclusive Growth?'

October 2019 / Stephanie GuhaPoverty and Social Development Policy Advisor, Quality Assurance and Poverty Reduction Section, ​SDC​

In recent years, the topic of social protection has received more attention in the development sector. This year, the OECD Development Centre published a report that focuses on social protection: Can Social Protection Be an Engine for Inclusive Growth?

"This report challenges us to think deeply about the economic rationale for social protection investments through an inclusive development lens. It helps us understand the links between social protection, growth and inequality; how to measure those links empirically; social protection's impact on inclusive growth; and how to build a more solid economic case for greater social protection investments.

The report adds to the debate on social protection in three ways. First, it proposes a methodological framework to conceptualise and measure the impact of social protection on what the OECD defines as inclusive growth. Second, it provides new empirical evidence on the impact of different social protection programmes on inclusive growth. Third, it helps strengthen the case for greater investments in social protection while also calling for better data to measure impacts." (OECD Development Centre 2019, see link)

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