Introductory Courses in Social Protection



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Introductory Courses in Social Protection

What is Social Protection? An introduction (self-paced micro-course)

​Social protection is often associated broadly with policies and programmes that seek to protect people from poverty and vulnerability. However, there is no universal definition of social protection and different organisations adopt differe​nt defin​​itions. This is the second course of a series of five micro-courses developed in partnership with the IPC-IG, GIZ and The first course 'What is Social Protection? An introduction' was launched in April 2020 and focuses on introducing the main concepts and definitions of social protection. Find out more»​​


Social prote​ction programmes (self-paced micro-c​ourse)​

​Social protection programmes and interventions have a wide range of policy objectives, from poverty alleviation to employment promotion, and they target different population groups (formal workers, elderly and people with disabilities, vulnerable families with children, etc.) to provide them with different types of benefits (cash, goods, services, or a combination of these). This self-paced micro-course introduces you to different types of social protection programmes and their main design features. It also discusses how these programmes can be classified under the main instruments of social protection, namely social insurance, social assistance and labour market policies, including possible overlaps and grey zones in classifications. You will also learn about specific examples of social protection programmes in Brazil, India and Kenya.Find out more»​​

Social Pr​otection and Rural Poverty (self-paced ​micro-course)

In this free and self-paced programme you will learn how social protection can contribute to inclusive transformation and poverty reduction in rural areas. This micro-course is the fifth of the Social Protection Fundamentals and Topics series, and was developed by the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and sponsored by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 
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​​e-TRANSFORM: Building Social Protection Floors in Africa (instructor-led course)

The TRANSFORM e-course is an adaption of the TRANSFORM training package and proposed activities from the face-to-face training. The e-course’s curriculum integrates several content areas, elements and activities and it is hosted on Virtual Campus, using Moodle technology. The course virtual environment provides easy navigation through the content and proposes different types of interactive and collaborative activities. 

On the e-course, learners are expected to accomplish the activities and assignments, organized in 10 modules, within the given deadlines. However, they are given the opportunity to schedule their study sessions at their own pace.​ Find out more»​​

TRANSFORM Shock-Responsive Social Protection (instructor-paced course)

The TRANSFORM Shock-Responsive Social Protection (SRSP) face-to-face module was innitially developed as a face-to-face training, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the module was adapted and launched as an e-course. The pilot will run from 15 February to 22 March 2021. This course is an inter-agency initiative by ILO, UNICEF and WFP, and is funded by UK Aid as well as Irish Aid and the Government of Sweden through the UN Joint Programme on Social Protection II in Zambia. TRANSFORM is primarily designed for social protection practitioners, but the SRSP e-Course specifically targets actors from across the social protection and emergency sectors. Find out more»​​​​

Institute of Development Studies

Social Protection: a Pri​mer​​​ (self-paced online course)​

Effective social protection systems are vital to help those living in poverty to cope with crises and shocks, find employment, and live healthier and fulfilling lives.

Through this short online course, you’ll learn the basics of social protection – what it is and how it works. You’ll explore key concepts and definitions, regional differences and core issues in building social protection systems. Find out more and e​nrol»​

The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)

​CVA and Social Protection Part 1: Linkin​g Humanitarian CVA and Social Protection: an Introduction​​​​​ (short self-paced online course)

This 1 to 2 hour course offers an introduction to Social Protection, and a first look at the ways in which it can be linked to humanitarian cash assistance.​​ ​Find out more»​

CVA and Social Protection Part 2: Designing CVA that is Linked to S​ocial Protection (short self-paced online course)

This is the second part of a 2-part course on linking humanitarian CVA with Social Protection and takes around 3 hours to complete. This course involves an in-depth look at linking humanitarian CVA and Social Protection.​ ​Find out mo​re»​


International Training Centre of the ILO

E-Learning on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension

Va​ri​ous instructor-led online and blended learning courses and academies related to social protection by the Turin Centre​