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Social protection is a set of public and private initiatives designed to provide protection for all against social and economic risks across the life-cycle and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Well-designed social protection systems ensure a minimum income and equitable access to essential services for the poor and vulnerable, enable people to cope with shocks and ensure dignity, social cohesion and reduce (gender) inequality. Social protection plays a central role to LNOB and to meet the SDGs.

This dedicated page provides an overview of SDC's learning and engagement in social protection and summarizes the global debate and evidence in development as well as humanitarian contexts. 


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Online Courses and Further Education in Social Protection

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Webinars on role of social protection in response to COVID-19

Webinars are offered by different organisations and platforms on relevant social protection topics and issues on a continuous basis. In order to receive updates you can subscribe to the relevant websites.​​ The website by ​Ugo Gentilini provides further social protection links on a weekly basis. 

Find some of our suggestions of the most recent webinars here - you can access the recordings of the selected webinars afterwards as well»​