Roma Inclusion Project

Roma Inclusion

SDC is contributing to Roma inclusion through projects in Western Balkans and Central Eastern Europe (see overview). In each country, SDC officers are in charge of the quality and follow up of these projects, in close collaboration with national authorities (policy dialogue). SDC is collaborating with IDS to ensure a continuous learning process among SDC staff.

The aim of the process is to deepen understanding of the drivers of exclusion, and of the enablers and barriers for promoting greater inclusion of Roma people in the region. In particular, the process is enabling SDC staff to reflect on their practice and share their knowledge about good policy and practice in this area. For this purpose, SDC organise regular seminars where SDC staff exchange of their experience on particular relevant topic: Belgrade 2013, Bucharest 2015 and Tirana 2016.

A learning process began in April 2015 at the Bucharest seminar where three learning groups were set up as follows:

  • Discrimination and power relations
  • Women's empowerment
  • Good policy practice

The three groups have continued to meet every six-eight weeks and IDS researchers have been supporting the groups with facilitation and materials. The learning from these groups was explored and shared at the regional seminar in Tirana which took place in the spring of 2016.