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The IDS - SDC QA Collaboration is launching a new Learning Trajectory that will foster collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing on equity and inclusion in health within SDC, in order to improve its interventions and practice. 

It will cover the many and varied mechanisms of exclusion.  Of particular importance will be understanding forms of social exclusion that deny certain groups access to health services, in relation to specific population groups.  This will be done by looking at social, political and economic dimensions, such as discriminatory policies, practices, and laws, as well as financial barriers and lack of voice among certain groups to hold service providers to account. Specific themes pursued will be drivers of exclusion, challenges relating to non-communicable diseases, and inclusion in health systems.

The Learning Trajectory will also increase knowledge about, and understanding of, the different health interventions in the CEE region that have a strong inclusion component.  Principles for enhancing inclusion in programme implementation, along with a common set of minimum equity- and inclusion-related standards and indicators will be established. 

At the end of the project, it is expected that participants will have acquired a practical understanding of equity and inclusion in health and that they can apply this knowledge in their daily work.

Webinar Ensuring Equity and Inclusion in Health

A webinar - Ensuring Equity and Inclusion in Health – took place on the 26th May.

SDC-IDS Learning Trajectory on Ensuring Equity and Inclusion for Health - Opening Webinar (pptx - 666KB)

Learning Peer Group

A learning peer group has been set up, and related events will be taking place over the coming year. 

Learning Trajectory Leaders

  • Alex Shankland (IDS),
  • Erika (Enrichetta) Placella (SDC),

Learning Trajectory Closed User Group:

For more information:

Please contact Anne Moulin Anne Moulin SDC-QA.