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​Newsletter Poverty-Wellbeing February 2019

What it means to practically implement the 2030 Agenda's imperative to 'Leave No One Behind' has been and will continue to be a key topic of discussion among development practitioners. Therefore, this issue focuses on 'Leave No One Behind'. Enjoy watching and reading this newsletter »

Stephanie Guha / February 2019

​SDC Guidance Video on Leave No One Behind

Have a look at this video statement by Thomas Gass, Ambassador, Assistant Director General, Head of South Cooperation Department, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC. 

To read the SDC guidance, click here »

Stephanie Guha / February 2019

​OECD Report 2018: Joining Forces to Leave No One Behind

Check out this video by Ida Mc Donnell, Senior Policy Analyst and Team Lead Development Co-operation Report, OECD.

Related references: 

Stephanie Guha / February 2019

Leave No One Behind in Practice​

SDC’s thematic networks and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) produced five thematic working aids to help you putting leave no one behind in practice: (1) Agriculture & Food Security, (2) Education, (3) Employment & Income, (4) Decentralisation & Local Governance, and (5) Health

Stay tuned for further thematic working aids to come...

Stephanie Guha / February 2019

​Operationalising the Poverty Focus for SDC Bangladesh

The briefing note on how SDC Bangladesh conceptualises, targets, monitors and measures poverty is now available! It highlights three parts to this now improved common understanding of poverty that is central for the operationalisation. It also links to the Leave No One Behind Agenda now being promoted across the SDC.

Marina Apgar / February 2019

​EU/EFTA Meeting on Social Protection in Development Cooperation

The 5th EU/EFTA countries coordination meeting on social protection in development cooperation was jointly hosted in Paris by the French Ministry of Labour, the development cooperation agencies Agence française de développement (AfD) and Expertise France, in collaboration with the European Commission on January 21, 2019. Agents from all over Europe listened to experts about trends in data management that could benefit social protection systems and planned their future collaboration in promoting Universal Social Protection worldwide. Visit the following official websites for more information about Social Protection initiatives:
Jessica Stamm / February 2018

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