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​Online training on Leave no one behind (LNOB)​

In autumn, we offer the following online trainingLeave No One Behind – Challenges & opportunities of implementation (course offered in English and in French). For detailed information on the training and further information on LNOB, visit our dedicated page.

Registration is open until 7 AugustClick here to register»

Stephanie Guha / July ​​2020

​Formation en ligne sur Ne laisser personne de côté (LNOB)​​

En automne, nous offrons la formation en ligne suivante: “Leave No One Behind – Défis et opportunités de la mise en œuvre" (cours offert en français et en anglais). Pour des plus amples informations sur la formation et LNOB, veuillez svp visiter notre site dédiée.

Délai d'inscription: 7 aoûtCliquez ici pour s'inscrire»

Stephanie Guha / July ​​2020​​

Free online course "Social Protection: ​a​ Primer"​

​​​Never has the need for social protection been greater. In response to the economic and social fallout of Covid-19, almost every country in the world has introduced or expanded programmes that support those who are most vulnerable.​ ​Join the free online course by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) ​​​to learn about the basics of social protection and its implementation around the world.​ ​Find out more and enrol»​

Stephanie Guha / July ​​2020

​UNDESA World Social Report 2020​

The new World Social Report 2020 "Inequality in a rapidly changing world" documents deep divides within and across countries despite an era of extraordinary economic growth and widespread improvements in living standards. The report underscores how gender, along with ethnicity, race, place of residence and socioeconomic status, continue to shape the chances people have in life. It underlines how the inequality challenge is global, and intimately connected with other pressing issues of our times: the rapid technological change, but also the climate crisis, urbanisation and migration. In many places, the growing tide of inequality could further swell under the force of these megatrends. Read more»​

Stephanie Guha / June 2020

Launch of the 2020 GEM Report - Inclusion and education: All means all

​​​​The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report in 2020 is dedicated to inclusion in education. The report explores the challenges holding countries back from achieving this vision, where every girl and boy has the right to a relevant, high-quality education. It calls on education stakeholders to put diversity at the core of into their education systems, rather than seeing it as a problem, and to concentrate on all learners who are left behind, no matter their identity, background or ability. This is a particularly important message to send out at a time when countries are rebuilding their education systems after COVID-19 crisis. The main findings of the GEM report will be presented at the Swiss launch event on June 30th, 2020. ​Rea​d more about the report and register for the Swiss launch event»​​

Stephanie Guha / June 2020

GIZ Leave No One Behind – Guidelines for Project Planners and Practitioners ​

​The GIZ guidelines aim to fill important knowledge gaps on LNOB implementation in international development cooperation, based on 11 selected case studies​, among others, operating in four world regions. A series of key recommendations targeting project planners and practitioners represents a synthesis of the main results of the conducted​ project reviews. The guidelines further provide concrete suggestions for the integration of LNOB into the project cycle and into capacity development as well as identify best practices and lessons learned. Read more»

Antonia Does / June 2020 ​​​

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