The moving fault lines of inequality – a dossier


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The moving fault lines of inequality – a dossier​

June 2021 / Stephanie Guha, Policy Advisor/LNOB, SDC 

While poverty has diminished in absolute terms, and relative income has grown on a global scale for over two centuries, inequality has been steadily increasing since the early 1980s. With the financial crisis of 2007, the expanding digitalisation of the economy and the current pandemic, fortunes of the superrich have attained unprecedented levels, with revenue now concentrated in society's top percentiles. This Dossier looks at the causes behind the multifaceted growth of inequality(ies), anticipates their noxious fallouts and explores potential remedies. Read more»

This Dossier is produced by the Research Office and based on the latest issue of Global Challenges, showcasing findings from the Institute’s research community and including maps, podcasts, video interviews and infographics.

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