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Urban Poverty Working Group

​Slums vs suburbia in Mumbai, India © The Telegraph​

​Today, approximately 25% of the world’s poor live in urban areas. This part is expected to increase to 50% by 2040. In view of such trends, the SDC’s South Cooperation (SC) initiated a reflection process in 2016 on the future positioning of the SDC in urban contexts: Should the SDC engage in a more substantive way in urban settings and if so, how? This process resulted in an Issue Paper which was presented to the SDC board of directors in June 2017. The paper shall inform ongoing strategic reflections, such as the SDC Reflection on Future Prospects

In 2017, a learning journey on urban-rural dynamics started and builds on work initiated in 2016. A core working group representing different SDC departments and a broader reflection group is involved in this learning journey. A focus of the first year of the learning journey was put on different case studies in Bolivia, Ethiopia and Haiti. These case studies provide inputs and reflections for the elaboration of new cooperation strategies and for a possible adaptation of project portfolios. At the same time, they shall contribute to an 'urban' learning process at the SDC.

Case Studies on Urbanisation:


Bolivia Country Study on Urban Development Opportunities

SDC Bolivia (Consultant: Roberto Tejada Ponce)
April 2017


Étude pour l'intégration des questions urbaines dans la stratégie pays de la DDC en Haïti

Présentée par Clémentine Tribouillard & Sofiane Karroum
DDC, 8 mai 2017


Urban and Peri- Urban Development Dynamics in Ethiopia

SDC (Consultant: Efrem Amdework Tesfaunegn)
May 2017


    Urbanisation processes in the Lao PDR

     SDC (Consultant: Center for Development and Environment, University of Bern)
     November 2018

Original location of files:  Learning Journey Urban-Rural Dynamics, in AFS Shareweb.


Working Papers

Towards sustainable urbanisation: SDC's current urban engagement (for internal use only)

Working Group Members

Nina Astfalck, Diepak Elmer, Ueli Mauderli, Stephanie Guha, Mirjam Macchi, Reinhard Pfeiffer, Philippe Puyo, Jacqueline Schmid, Anne Tchoursine Savary, Steven Geiger, Estelle Gagnebin, Lauriane Bolomey, Mélanie Surchat, Karen Gradia

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