Social Protection

Social Protection

The Human Rights-Based Approach to Social Protection

This Issue Brief by UNRISD introduces readers to the human rights-based approach to social protection. It highlights the fundamental principles of this approach, which are explored in detail at , and directs readers to the key human rights instruments and other tools that are available to help policy makers and practitioners advocate for and operationalize a rights-based approach to social protection. Learn more »

SDC and Social Protection

In the last decade social protection has become an important component of development policy. While SDC supports interventions such as cash transfers in humanitarian settings and private/semi-private (agricultural) insurance schemes, it has done so without particular guidance or reference to an SDC position on social protection. Learn more »

Social Exclusion

There is a growing interest in social protection among development agents, particularly those concerned with poverty alleviation. What can cause people being excluded from social protection schemes? Referring to different dimensions of social exclusion, Stephen Kidd published a comprehensive paper which follows this question and suggests potential strategies to address the challenges of exclusion from social protection schemes. Learn more »