About Poverty-Wellbeing Shareweb

The Poverty - Wellbeing Shareweb

The Poverty-Wellbeing Shareweb is a SDC reference website for current poverty issues and debates. It reflects the priorities of the new Federal Message on international cooperation, with emphasis on the global issues: climate change, food security, migration, water and health, as well as gender, governance and conflict & fragility.

SDC Quality Assurance Section

The SDC Quality Assurance Section and QA Network seek to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of SDC projects and programmes. In addition to context-sensitive and targeted planning, all SDC projects undergo monitoring and evaluation, including result-oriented reporting. This fosters learning and enhances project steering within the Project Management Cycle, as well as making it possible to report reliably on project effectiveness. The Quality Assurance section formulates and develops the standards and instruments needed for such reporting, consolidates the training required, and coaches staff members as necessary.