Priority Themes


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Priority Themes and Areas


In line with the mission as defined in Global Institutions Division (GI)'s strategy 2017-20, GI aims at contributing to a multilateral system that can deliver on the commitments of the 2030 Agenda on the ground.

GI will therefore engage as follows:

1) Acceleration of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda with a particular focus on the country level: Entry points in 2017 include the preparation of a portfolio to support the implementation of the QCPR 2016, as well as providing inputs for the elaboration of the new strategic plans of GI's UN priority multilateral organizations (UNDP, UNWOMEN, UNFPA and UNICEF);

2) Accountability for the 2030 Agenda: Entry points in 2017 include the roll-out of GI's accountability portfolio and the renewal of GI's partnership on management for development results;

3) Improved policy coherence for sustainable development within Switzerland's multilateral development cooperation: Entry points in 2017 include the establishment of strategic partnerships with colleagues from bilateral cooperation to foster a thematic and institutional dialogue on multilateral cooperation.


In all three processes the Global Instutions Divison and SDC as a whole has thematic priorities with Multilateral Organisations.

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