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World Food Programme



The World Food Programme (WFP) is the world largest humanitarian organization which feeds about 100 million people a year in over 70 countries.

The WFP has a dual mandate: humanitarian and development. The organisation provides food assistance to countries during emergencies and on a long-term basis. It supports economic and social development of countries in need through technical assistance. The WFP helps for instance governments establish or strengthen national disaster preparedness or food assistance programmes. The organisation supports as well UN agencies, bilateral donors, and NGOs in their humanitarian interventions by providing passenger and cargo air services or storage space for food and non-food items.

Agriculture and Food Security is one of the priority thematic domains selected by SDC for its activities worldwide. Switzerland commits itself to the world food security under the Food Assistance Convention whose aim is to improve the ability of the international community to respond to emergency food situations and other food needs of developing countries.

 Three criteria condition Switzerland’s contributions to the WFP operations:
◾Needs in relation with the affected population/the urgency of the situation and financial gaps identified
◾Potential synergies with other Swiss organisations
◾Presence of a Swiss Cooperation Office locally.

Beside financial allocation, Switzerland is also an important partner of the WFP in terms of human resources. The SDC regularly provides experts from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA) for programming, coordination and management of logistics. Specialists are also deployed for emergency preparedness, protection and cash-and voucher programs.

Please find more information about the Swiss cooperation with WFP on SDC's factsheet or contact the SDC Programme Manager Charles Apotheker.