Priority Institutions


Overview Priority Organisations


Organization Focus* Responsible Person in SDC
UNDP Private sector, Fragility, Democratic Governance, Environment (with GEF), and UN CoordinationMattia Poretti
UNICEFHealth, AIDS, Water, Nutrition, Education, Protection ; with development and humanitarian focus on children
UNFPA Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Gender equality, Population dynamicsBernhard Soland
UNWOMEN Women (political/economic) empowerment, violence against women, UN Coordination (on gender equality)Oona Gemsch
UNAIDSOverall fight/coordination on HIV/AIDS, youth, women and communitiesCorinne Corradi​
WHOOverall health coordin., focus on HIV/malaria, health systems (performance/coverage), SRHR and youth Carla Koch 
IFADOverall food security and nutrition, pro-poor agricultural and rural development Carmen Thönnissen Michel
IDAOverall development knowledge/investments, inclusive Growth, Gender, Fragility, Climate changeTobias Sommer
AfDBRegional development knowledge/investments, inclusive Growth, Governance, Fragility, Climate changeIlaria Dali-Bernasconi
ADBRegional development knowledge/investments, Governance/anti-corruption, Climate change, WaterMarkus Dürst
IADBRegional development knowledge/investments, Private sector, Fragility, Water, GenderAlexander Widmer
CGIARGlobal research on agriculture, food security, nutrition/health, management of natural resources Michel Evéquoz
GFATMGlobal response to AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, HIV/malaria treatment/prevention and health systems Carla Koch 
GCFClimate change mitigation and adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), private sector engagement
 Antonia Sutter


Note :*Focus: SDC priorities in bold, Growth in WB and AfDB encompasses Private sector, Jobs, extractive industry and Public expenditures. Beyond the thematic focus, SDC engages in institutional reforms with all OI, with a particular focus on delivery/publication of results, and their evaluation function.