International Finance Institutions


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Inter-American Development Bank 

The IDB is the largest multilateral source of financing for development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It offers support to the region through the provision of credits and grants, as well as by offering its expertise (technical support). In recent years, the IDB has become a key actor in the domain of climate change.

The IDB offers credits for development projects by way of two credit windows:
• Ordinary Capital: Credits for developing countries at more favourable conditions than available on the capital market
• Fund for Special Operations (FSO): Guarantees and loans with very low interest rates and long repayment schedules for the poorest countries

The IDB and the FSO are part of the IDB Group, which also includes the following subsidiary organisations:
• Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)
Private sector development with focus on small and medium enterprises
• Multilateral Ivestment Fund (MIF)
Technical support, guarantees and credits to micro and small enterprises

Please find more information about the Swiss cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank in our factsheet.  The SDC Programme Manager for IDB is Susanne Zumstein​