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Asian Development Bank 

The Asian Development Fund (AsDF) is the Asian Development Bank’s (AsDB) main concessional window for supporting poverty reduction in its poorer member countries in Asia and the Pacific. Founded in 1973, it offers loans at very low interest rates as well as grants. Economically more developed member states on the other hand can apply for repayable loans that bear higher interest and are covered by the AsDB’s Ordinary Capital resources. A further group of countries receive blended funding from both sources. The eligibility of countries for the three categories fundamentally depends on gross national income per capita and on sovereign creditworthiness. AsDF resources are then mainly allocated according to country performance as measured in annual assessments.


Switzerland has been a member of the AsDB since 1967 and has participated in the AsDF since its foundation in 1973. The Bank’s mission is consistent with Switzerland’s objectives of reducing poverty and disaster risks while facilitating environmentally and socially sustainable economic development. Switzerland is therefore actively contributing to discussions and decisions of the Board of governors and the Board of Directors.


Please find more information about the Swiss cooperation with the Asian Development Bank in our factsheet (de) (fr). The SDC Programme Manager for AsDB is Markus Dürst