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African Development Bank



Established in 1972, the African Development Fund (AfDF) is the concessional financing arm of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB). It promotes economic and social development through the provision of concessional loans and grants to 39 low income African countries that have no access to regular bank loans. In addition to financial support for projects and programmes, the AfDF delivers technical assistance, capacity-building activities and know-how.
The AfDF is primarily financed by donor countries, but also by capital repayments of earlier loans. Contributions to the fund are made through replenishment negotiations usually taking place every three years. Resources are allocated to recipient countries through a performance based system including criteria such as good governance, gross national income per capita and population size. Since 2008, the AfDF has set aside specially earmarked funds for fragile states and regional operations.


Switzerland has been supporting the AfDF since its foundation in 1972 and has been a member and shareholder in the AfDB since 1982, when the bank opened its membership to non-regional countries. Through its participation in the various bodies (Board of Governors and Board of Executive Directors), Switzerland monitors and influences how the bank implements its strategy to fight poverty with concrete measures and measurable results. This includes assuring that the institution puts more emphasis on monitoring programmes it is supporting and on quality assurance.

Please find more information about the Swiss cooperation with the African Development Bank in our factsheet. The SDC Programme Manager for the AfDB is Ilaria Dali-Bernasconi