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International Finance Institutions


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SDC is one Office of Switzerland dealing with International Finance Institutions (IFIs). The Federal Finance Administration & the Swiss National Bank have the lead for all interactions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Seco (State Secretary for Economic Affairs) has the coordination role for all institutional processes with the World Bank and the Regional Development Banks. 

As a shareholder of all IFIs, Switzerland has an interest to influencing these institutions at appropriate levels. Swiss Cooperation Offices representing Switzerland's overall program should use the numerous opportunities at country level for getting involved in strategic or operational discussions with IFIs. Beyond that, their field experience and context knowledge merits to be communicated to headquarters too.

To fully use all mechanisms of steadily improving multilateral operations (with the overall goal to improve livelihoods of the poorest in the developing world), SDC colleagues need a minimal understanding on how IFIs function and how we can take influence. SDC's network activities shall serve as a mean to draw on knowledge, experiences, views, & practices from all sides. We encourage you to actively participate in these network activities.

For a short guide on multilateral development banks follow this link.