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International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC works worldwide to provide humanitarian aid for people affected conflict and armed violence and to promote the laws that protect victims of war, by acting neutral and impartial. The most important responsibilities of the ICRC are: visiting detainees; reuniting families; distributing nutrition, water and access to health and sanitary services. The ICRC wants to direct the attention on the violations of the humanitarian right and to contribute to its development.

The ICRC holds a clear added value comparatively to other organizations with regards to

i) its expertise in protection activities

ii) humanitarian access

iii) the respect for and implementation of the humanitarian principles both in its operations as well as throughout its institutional strategy.


One third of the budget of Switzerland’s Humanitarian Aid is allocated to the ICRC, making Switzerland the second most important ICRC-donor. Switzerland is not only depositary state of the Geneva Conventions that form the basis of the ICRC’s work, it also supports the ICRC in its efforts to respond to the continuously evolving humanitarian challenges, to promote respect for humanitarian principles and to strengthen International Humanitarian Law. Switzerland’s support for and partnership with the ICRC also ensures its timely and effective response to emergencies, the protection of civilians and the provision of health care in the field.



Please find more information about the Swiss cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross on SDC's factsheet.  The SDC Programme Manager for the ICRC is Cedrine Beney​.