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Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research


​CGIAR is a global agricultural research partnership that binds a consortium of 15 international research centres and their partners engaged in research for sustainable development (including national and regional research institutes, civil society organisations, academia and the private sector) with providers of funding.
Research is organised in 16 global thematic programmes (CGIAR Research Programmes) and financed through the CGIAR Fund and bilateral grants given directly to research centres. Funders include governments of both developing and industrialised countries, foundations, and international and regional organisations.

CGIAR has a unique mandate to produce, assemble and deliver research results in the areas of agricultural and environmental sustainability with the ultimate goal of eradicating poverty and hunger. The results clearly contribute to the resolution of significant development problems, identified and prioritised by developing countries.


Switzerland joined CGIAR as a founding member in 1971 and recognises it as a key partner. Its worldwide work underpins three of the five global themes identified in the Federal Council’s Dispatch to Parliament 2013–16, namely food security, climate change and water. Multilateral support for CGIAR very much complements Switzerland’s bilateral involvement in its priority countries and regions, as well as its commitment in the field of agricultural research for development.

Please find more information about the Swiss cooperation with the Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research in our factsheet. The SDC Programme Manager for CGIAR is Michel Evéquoz