Migration Dialogue



Mdplatform.ch participation in the GFMD 2017 Civil Society Days


​How to achieve a gender-responsive Global Compact on Migration?


Falling through the cracks – strengthening the protection and assistance of migrants in vulnerable situations through the Global Compact on Migration


Amel Association in Lebanon taking part in GFMD and PGA 2017


First Step to Solve Symptoms of Crisis​destination​​

Amel reflects on the implications of the PGA and GFMD in the Light of the Global Compact​​


The private sector’s contribution to the dialogue on migration​​

Mdplatform.ch back from Dhaka and on the road to Berlin​​

What do we want for children in the Global Compacts?

NCFRMI hosted the​ Second Annual National Migration Dialogue in Nigeria​​​

Pre-GF​​MD Civil society consultation held in Sri Lanka in December, 2016

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