Urban migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region: lessons learnt from the MC2CM project

Ana Feder, Mediterranean City-to-City Migration Project (MC2CM), ICMPD Malta

Migration is by definition a changing, fluid phenomenon, and data on migrant populations can capture only specific moments in its development. The status of cities in relation to migration is also fluid and changeable.
As such, project cities Amman, Beirut, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Tangier, Tunis, Turin and Vienna have undergone trajectories as poles of emigration, immigration, transit and destination at different periods in time. Therefore, they prove to be knowledgeable about the state of migration at their level, cope with the many challenges vulnerable populations present, and develop creative and efficient responses to migration within the scope of their mandate.
Learning from their respective experiences, they acknowledge migration as a challenge and an opportunity to be seized.

More information on the project and the City Migration Profiles Synthesis Report in all four project languages are available here.