Global, Key DocumentsWorld Migration Report 2010
The World Migration Report 2010 provides a tool for self-evaluation in terms of future scenarios, and demonstrates the need for a far more comprehensive approach to capacity-building for migration than has typically been adopted. The aim is not to prescribe ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies and practices, but to suggest objectives of migration management policies in each area, to stimulate thinking and provide examples of what States and other actors can do. Part A of the report focuses on identifying core capacities in key areas of migration management, raising key concepts and outlining important examples of existing practices in these areas. Part B provides an overview of migration in the world today, from both the global perspective and through six regional chapters, drawn from the most up-to-date data.
Global, Key Documents, Labour Migration and Decent WorkThe ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour migration
The ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration: Non-binding principles and guidelines for a rights-based approach to labour migration aims to assist governments, social partners and stakeholders in their efforts to regulate labour migration and protect migrant workers. It provides a comprehensive set of rights-based guidelines and principles so as a global compilation of good practices on labour migration developed by governments and social partners.
2010ILO - International Labour Organization
Global, Key DocumentsHuman Development Report 2009 - Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development
The report investigates migration in the context of demographic changes and trends in both growth and inequality. It also presents more detailed and nuanced individual, family and village experiences, and explores less visible movements typically pursued by disadvantaged groups such as short term and seasonal migration.
Asia, External Strategies & Policies, Journal Articles, Middle EastCivil Society Consultation for the Colombo Process
This consultation brought together participants from 14 countries1 of labour sending and
receiving states, representing grassroots organizations, migrant support groups, and NGOs.
Participants engaged in noteworthy discussions and deliberations about migrants’ rights
advocacy, collective organizing and strategizing, and inclusion of such agenda in the
Colombo Process.
2011Migration Forum Asia
External Strategies & Policies, Global, Studies & ReportsMigration Initiatives 2013 in Support of Development
Since its first publication in 1999, the Migration Initiatives provides an overview of IOM’s current and intended responses to the wide range of evolving global, regional and national migration needs and pressures. In alignment with IOM’s 2013 High-level Dialogue theme on Migration and Development, this year’s edition is entitled Migration Initiatives 2013 in Support of Development”. The edition provides a summary of IOM’s regional strategies and presents IOM’s responses and funding needs according to key thematic areas which all aim to enhance migration’s positive impact on development.
External Strategies & Policies, Global, Studies & ReportsEU Commission Staff Working Paper: Migration and Development
This very recent paper by the European Commission provides an excellent and concise overview of the shifting European view on the migration and development nexus over the past years. It briefly examines the most important issues and relations and discusses the initiatives that have been launched by the EU.
2011European Commission
External Strategies & Policies, GlobalThe Global Approach to Migration and Mobility
The EU's "Global Approach to Migration and Mobility" (GAMM) is a broad strategy that incorporates various policy areas into one coherent policy framework, covering subjects related to foreign policy, development and migration. Such issues are also important for the Committee of the Regions as the voice of regions and cities in the European Union and whose mission is to involve regional and local authorities in the European decision-making process and thus to encourage greater participation from our fellow citizens.
2011European Commission
External Strategies & Policies, GlobalMigration for Development: A Bottom-Up Approach
This handbook is the result of an encompassing codification exercise by the JMDI to compare and draw lessons from over fifty Migration and Development (M&D) projects funded by the JMDI which were carried out by civil society actors in sixteen countries, together with their counterparts in the European Union.
2011EC-Un / JMDI
External Strategies & Policies, GlobalInternational Migration and Development 2008
This policy memorandum, published by the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs, sets out the government’s migration and development policy, based on six key priorities. It is underpinned by a scientific analysis of migration and development trends, and the links between them. The analysis has shown that the relationship between migration and development is not clear cut, and that the effects of government measures are often visible only in the longer term. It can further be concluded that government policy can make a modest contribution to strengthening the positive effects of migration on development and mitigating the negative effects.
2011Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
External Strategies & Policies, Global, Studies & ReportsMaking Migration Work for Development
The report is a summary of six years of investigation into migration policy and practice. The Centre's findings indicate that, for migration to have its full developmental impact, the most beneficial policy change would be to reduce barriers to migration, at all levels and particularly for the poorest.
2010Development Research Centre, University of Sussex
Diaspora & Remittances, External Strategies & Policies, GlobalBuilding bonds for migration and development
The surge in attention on migration and development over the past decade has tended to focus on what receiving states, international organisations and development agencies can do to enhance the contributions of migration to development. However, much less attention has been paid to the strategies being adopted by governments in countries of origin to encourage the participation of migrants in development. Such ‘diaspora engagement policies’ are the focus of this study.
External Strategies & Policies, Global, Studies & ReportsMigration - Chancen für Entwicklung nutzen
Mit dieser Broschüre werden einige Ursachen, Chancen und Risiken rund um die Migration und Entwicklung erklärt und die vielfältigen Ansätze und Instrumente des Deutschen Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) dazu vorgestellt.
External Strategies & Policies, Global, Labour Migration and Decent WorkIn search of decent work. Migrant workers' rights: A manual for trade unionists
Migration is primarily a labour issue. It concerns the movement of workers who cross borders to find employment, as well as the necessity of equal treatment, good working conditions and rights for these workers. The purpose of this manual is to guide the trade union movement's participation in shaping migration policies by promoting sound labour migration practices and reaching out to migrant workers. It aims to ensure that migration benefits the countries of origin as well as destination countries, and both migrant and non-migrant workers.
2010ILO - International Labour Organization
External Strategies & Policies, GlobalCadre d'Intervention Transversal: Migrations Internes et Internationales
Afin de répondre à l'intérêt croissant que suscitent les mobilités humaines tant pour les agences de développement que pour les Etats et partenaires, l'AFD s'est attachée à structurer sa démarche d'internalisation de ces enjeux dans ses stratégies et opérations. Suivant une approche originale, les mobilités sont ici considérées sous toutes leurs formes, internes et internationales, de l'exode rural à la mobilisation des diasporas.
2010AFD - Agence Française de Développement
Diaspora & Remittances, External Strategies & Policies, GlobalCooperating with Diaspora Communities
This practical orientation by GTZ is based on experience gained by German DC since 2007 in its cooperation with diaspora communities in the area of their non-profit activities in the partner countries. It intends to identify preconditions for successful cooperation with diaspora communities, provide criteria for the practical design of a cooperation arrangement with diaspora communities with regard to their non-profit activities.
External Strategies & Policies, Global, Studies & ReportsCreating value through migration
The key question for development cooperation is how the potential benefits of migration can be used for sustainable economic development and, at the same time, how its negative effects can be minimised. Up to now there has been no guidance on how migration can be systematically included as a factor. The guidelines examined in this study aim to close that gap. They present the major impacts of migration on economic development, describe how they should be viewed in the context of value chain promotion and explain the most important steps for their systematic inclusion. The aim is to contribute to enhanced, sustainable value creation.
Diaspora & Remittances, External Strategies & Policies, GlobalRemittances in Development Cooperation
These guidelines bring together the recent experience of German and international cooperation in the field of remittances. They aim to identify the conditions for utilizing the development policy potential of remittances and discuss the risks of economies’ dependence on remittances.
Diaspora & Remittances, External Strategies & Policies, Maghreb, Sub-Saharan AfricaMTM: A Dialogue in Action, Linking Emigrant Communities for More Development
The joint ICMPD-IOM project “Linking Emigrant Communities for More Development”, of which the main deliverable is this “Inventory of Institutional Capacities and Practices”, should be seen as a part or parcel of multiple initiatives aiming to support governments with significant emigrant communities to further develop a favourable environment and support knowledge-based policy development. Although far from exhaustive, the Inventory offers an overview of comparable information on existing institutional practices and identified challenges related to emigrant communities faced by 13 countries of origin, namely Algeria, Cape Verde, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Syria and Tunisia.
External Strategies & Policies, GlobalMainstreaming Migration into Development Planning: A Handbook for Policy-makers and Practitioners
The Global Migration Group (GMG) is an inter-agency group bringing together heads of agencies to promote the wider application of all relevant international and regional instruments and norms relating to migration, and to encourage the adoption of more coherent, comprehensive and better coordinated approaches to the issue of international migration. The GMG is particularly concerned with improving the overall effectiveness of its members and other stakeholders in capitalizing upon the opportunities and responding to the challenges presented by international migration.
Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesStrategic Framework 2013 - 2017 - Global Program Migration and Development
In alignment with the 2013–2016 South Dispatch, where migration is referred to as an important thematic priority, the present strategic framework presents the goal and orientation as well as the programmatic components which will guide the GPMD’s work in the coming five years.
Global, Migration & Switzerland, Refugees & IDPs, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesFor Peace, Human Rights and Security
In its foreign policy, Switzerland is active on behalf of peace, respect for human rights and the protection of displaced persons and refugees. This brochure will explain how Switzerland pursues these policies, what priorities it sets, what contributions it makes and what challenges it is confronted with. You will also learn about people who are mediating in conflicts, observing elections and working on behalf of peace and compliance with human rights.
Global, International Migration Dialogue, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesConcept Paper - Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD)
This Concept Paper outlines the format and thematic focus proposed by the Chair for 2011, suggesting three clusters of themes to take the GFMD debates to a next level of practical application. It also offers comments on the GFMD Assessment Process, the role of the Friends of the Forum and the Steering Group, the ad-hoc Working Groups, the Platform for Partnerships, the national GFMD focal points, and the involvement of international organizations and civil society.
Sub-Saharan Africa, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesMandate IMZ Working Group West Africa
Mandate IMZ Working Group West Africa
Diaspora & Remittances, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesDiaspora – some basic facts
What is meant by diaspora? Despite the diaspora is increasingly seen as a key to realizing the development potential of international migration, considerable confusion about who exactly constitutes the diaspora remains.
2011Lorenza Rossi, SDC
Diaspora & Remittances, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesWorkshop Summary 'Diaspora for Development'
In her keynote speech, Lorenza Rossi (RXL) from the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) acknowledged the increasingly prominent role diasporas play in discussions on foreign assistance and development policy.
Global, Migration & Switzerland, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesFor Peace, Human Rights and Security - Switzerland’s commitment to the world
This new brochure explains what Switzerland is doing to promote peace in Nepal, Burundi and South Sudan, how it is trying to involve business in the protection of human rights and what it is doing to ensure that refugees and displaced persons are more effectively protected so that they do not become victims of human traffickers. It also contains statements by people who have shaped Switzerland's peace, human rights, migration and humanitarian policy, and who will continue to do so.
Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesMandate IMZ Working Group EU
Mandat der Arbeitsgruppe EU
Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesMandate IMZ Working Group Diaspora
Mandate IMZ Working Group Diaspora
International Migration Dialogue, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesMandate IMZ Working Group International Migration Dialogue
Mandate IMZ Working Group International Migration Dialogue
Sub-Saharan Africa, Swiss/SDC Strategies & PoliciesMandate IMZ Working Group Horn of Africa/Yemen
Mandate IMZ Working Group Horn of Africa/Yemen
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