Migration & Development Working Aid by SDC Western Balkans

Now available: Migration & Development Working Aid by the Western Balkans Division of SDC


Regula Bäbler, Regional Adv​isor Migration and Development and Irène Kränzlin, Programme Officer Western Balkans Division​

Migration is a long standing global phenomenon. People have always migrated for various reasons, for economic purposes and personal motivations, or they have been forced to migrate. Since the 20th century globalization and technical advancement have contributed to shedding new light on migration. Globally and regionally the topic has become more visible, emotional and politically relevant. Only recently migration has come up in international debates as a determinaning factor for human development.
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations acknowledges migration as a factor for sustainable development and migrants as agents for development for the first time in a global development agenda. The Federal Dispatch for International Cooperation 2017-2020 of Switzerland also includes migration as an important topic to be taken into account in development endeavors. 
Needless to say, migration is a challenging and complex theme for development cooperation. With this perspective and referring to the current global agendas and Swiss frameworks, the Western Balkans Division of SDC has developed a basic working aid for Swiss cooperation on Migration and Development (M&D), supporting conceptual orientation on how to link migration with development based on concrete experiences of SDC in the Western Balkans. The working aid provides:
  • A contextualization and strategic embedding of the theme
  • Lessons learned from previous and ongoing interventions
  • Principles and approaches to address M&D
  • Some possible fields of intervention

Although the working aid is based on examples in the Western Balkans it may also be helpful for practitioners in other geographic settings. The working aid is supposed to be a living document which may be periodically updated.

In Nevesinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), textile production was relaunched and new jobs created thanks to diaspora knowledge and financial support. 
Photo: Aleksandar Zahorodni