ADEPT’s Third Diaspora Development Forum (DDF3)

 ADEPT’s Third Diaspora Development Forum (DDF3)


Haja Bally, Communications Manager, London, ADEPT

ADEPT's Third DDF3, in partnership with VIDC and Radio Afrika, took place In Vienna from 28th to 1st October 2015.

The DDF is a flagship regional event and a major part of ADEPT's service delivery framework. The 4-day event provides:

  • Training for diaspora groups (eg. fundraising, policy and advocacy) and facilitating better engagement with senior development practitioners from mainstream NGOs and development policy makers so they can work directly together;
  • The opportunity to share examples of good practice in development;
  • Networking between diaspora communities and senior NGO staff and policy makers.

The theme of DDF3 was 'Migration and Development in Times of Crisis: Common Obligations and Collective Action' and the regional focus was on Central and Eastern Europe.

The two sub-themes were: 'How to Counter Xenophobia and Facilitate Integration' and 'How to Maintain Diaspora Development Input in Times of Crisis'.  The sub-themes were chosen to explore imaginative new schemes and programmes and generate positive and practical recommendations and action points.

Based on the discussion during the DDD3 all speakers and participants agreed on a joint declaration to be published. Please find it here.

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