Many SDC activities in the fields of culture and migration overlap, pursue similar objectives, are aimed at the same target groups or complement each other. The smARTspace project culture & migration focuses on such connections and intends to identify and strengthen their added value for sustainable development. Designed as SDC-internal learning and exchange process, the one-year project is based on three assumptions regarding the interlinkage of culture and migration: 1) Culture is a right and part of personal identities of migrants – the promotion of culture and art can foster the participation and inclusion of migrants 2) Culture and art can contribute to a positive public perception of migration and to social cohesion 3) Migration can bring both, opportunities and challenges for culture and arts promotion

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Article, 23 Oct 2018

Culture and art as chance for social cohesion in migration contexts

Report, 4 Sep 2018

As par of the project, a workshop took place on 4th September 2018.

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