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SDC Key Resources on Migration

June 2021

Working Aid: Migration as a priority theme in the Swiss International Cooperation Strategy 2021 – 24

Switzerland’s International Cooperation has over the past decade continuously expanded its migration-related engagement. In 2016, the Swiss parliament went a step further and requested the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs to take into account, where appropriate, domestic migration policy interests in its International Cooperation activities, establishing the so-called “strategic link” mandate. The Swiss International Cooperation Strategy 2021-24 identified migration as one of the thematic priorities and further strengthened the strategic link mandate. 
In order to support International Cooperation actors of the Swiss Federal Administration in the implementation of the strategic link mandate, the SDC Migration Network developed the attached Working Aid. 

The document: ​
  • provides background information on the strategic link mandate and its reflection in the Swiss International Cooperation Strategy 
  • gives practical orientation and useful resources and tools to translate the strategic link mandate into thematic and sectoral programmes and projects 
  • lays out how to report and communicate on Switzerland’s International Cooperation engagement in migration.

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October​ 2020​

​​Thematic ​Working Aid: Le​​ave no one behind in practice - Migration

Migration is an opportunity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – to leave no on behind . Listening to and understanding the poorest and disadvantaged men and women is a central pro​mise of the Agenda 2030 and includes the specific needs of migrants. The SDC “Leave No One Behind” Thematic Working Aid on Migration clarifies specific vulnerabilities and how migrants can be at risk of being left behind. It also lays out that migration can be a poverty reduction tool and where the poverty-reduction potential of migration can be found. 

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