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Interested in knowing more about SDC's projects in the field of migration?

​Within the SDC, there are different sections and departments working in the field of migration. Over the last few years, the number of SDC-internal actors involved in migration-relevant projects has grown, and the SDC’s thematic orientation on migration has changed. Whereas the organisation traditionally focused primarily on refugees and human trafficking, it now also works in new thematic fields such as labour migration and diaspora engagement. This SDC-internal evolution goes hand in hand with the recent policy changes on the international level, reflecting an acknowledgement of the positive impact of migration on development. This has led many international actors (NGOs, governments and IGOs) to actively promote the integration of a migration perspective into development policies and strategies.
Currently, the following SDC sections are active, i.e. financing and coordinating projects, in the field of migration (the annual reports are accessible to network members only):
​Globalprogramme Migration and DevelopmentWebsite
​Global InstitutionsWebsite
​Cooperation with Eastern Europe - Western BalkansWebsite
​Regional Cooperation - South AsiaWebsite
​Humanitarian Aid & SHAWebsite
​Analysis & PolicyWebsite

SDC Project Database

The project database includes all ongoing and planned SDC project phases. As of October 2014, it also includes additional project phases with a budget of under CHF 0.5 million which were approved before May 2012. Link to SDC Project Dat​abase