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Skilling migrant workers for employment

Video Interview with Roberto Suarez Santos, Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers - IOE

The employers' perspective. In this video interview Roberto Suarez Santos, shares the IOE perspective on the role of employers in skilling migrants for employment, promoting the business necessity ​for well-regulated migration and he talks about the impacts of COVID-19 on employers who hire migrant workforce.


Human rights and migrant workers in global supply c​​hains​

Video Interview with Neill Wilkins, Head of the Migrant Workers Programme, Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB)

In these video interviews, Neill Wilkins shares some insights into the work of the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment, a company-led collective platform to promote responsible recruitment practices amongst business, the recruitment industry and government.


Things are changing: a conversation on migration and development in Sri Lanka​

December 2020

V​ideo interview with Chandula Kumbukage, Helvetas Sri Lanka.A conversation on current issues, successes and covid-19 impact on migration & development in Sri Lanka. Learn more​​.



​Positioning, learning and innovating: the future of Global Dialogues and processes on M&D

April 2018

Insights of the GPMD by Markus Reisle (SDC), in interview with Melissa Siegel. A video by UNU-MERIT Research and Training Institute of United Nations University and Maastricht University. Learn more »


Cities in Global Agendas Meeting, Switzerland, October 2017

October 2017

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Migration and Cities Meeting - Switzerland October 2017

October 2017 

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Protection and Decent Work in a Mixed Migration Context Meeting - Jordan March 2017

October 2017 

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Interview with Eduard Gnesa, Former Special Ambassador for International Cooperation in Migration, SDC

September 2017

What is Mr. Eduard Gnesa's opinion and position regarding the Global Compact on Migration and the recent GFMD in Berlin? watch this interview to learn about it. Furthermore, discover what things thrived and surprised him the most as Special Ambassador for International Cooperation in Migration of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC.


Global Meeting 2016 on Migration and Development - Switzerland, May 2016

May 2016​

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