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Newsbriefs & Announcements

Newsbriefs focus on a specific topic:

October 2021

Key take-aways, we​binar on Internally Displaced Children

September 2021

UN World Data Forum  - invite to session on Lack of Data of Internally Displaced Children

September 2021

Mandate to support the Network Migration of the SDC 

June 2021 

Call for Proposal for designing a project on Productive Management of Remittances in Bangladesh 

June 2021

Inclusive Education for Migrants and Refugees - Human Rights Council ​​

May 2021 

Making Migration Part of the Solution - How the Private Sector Can Help

March 2021 

Appel d’offres pour un mandat dédié à la diaspora nigérienne ​

​February 2021

Call for Proposal for designing a project on Reintegration of Migrant Workers in Bangladesh 

November 2020 

Call for Proposals: Reintegration of Returnee Migrant Workers Project

October 2020 

Consultancy for the Mid-Term Review of the Safer Migration (SaMi) Project, Nepal 

​​6 October 2020

Creating Future Perspectives for Displaced People in Times of Crisis​

​1 October 2020

Thematic working aid: leave no one behind and migration​​

3 September 2020

Abolition of the Kafala system in Qatar

6 July 2020

Consultancy mandate: global solutions for migration-related challenges

22 June 2020

Webinar: ​Elevating Education in Emergencies: Securing Uninterrupted Learning for Crises-affected Children​

9 June 2020

Working Tool on Vocational Skills Development and Migration ​                

7 April 2020

Webinar: Reducing COVID-19 Vulnerability Amongst Displaced Populations and Migrants

31 Mar 2020

Online event: Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Migrants and Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean

21 Feb 2019 

Global Education Monitoring Report 2019Migration, Displacement And Education

22 January 2019

Executive Training Seminar The Regional Governance Of Migration & Mobility