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The luncheon with the UN SG and the ACABQ

Marcel Jullier is currently member of the ACABQ (3rd from left) and is running for re-election for 2020-22. 

4 November 2016 - New York: Swiss candidate Marcel Jullier elected into the ACABQ

Thanks to the very broad support of UN member states the Swiss candidate, Marcel Jullier, was elected into the ACABQ for the period 2017-2019.




20 October 2016 - New York: Raclette Reception at the Swiss Mission

Ambassador Jürg Lauber in honour of the Swiss ACABQ candidate, Marcel Jullier, invited some 80 representatives from permanent missions where Chef Yannick Germannier prepared traditional Swiss Raclette.







ACABQ celebrates its 70th anniversary

 See how the ACABQ has evolved over the last 70 years and how important it is in supporting the UN's work:

3 November 2015 - New York: ​

Switzerland is presenting Marcel Jullier as candidate for the ACABQ 2017 - 2019

Ambassador Jürg Lauber is presenting Marcel Jullier as  Swiss candidate for the ACABQ 2017-2019. The reception was held during the UNGA in November 2015 in New York

​Ambassador Jürg Lauber​Marcel Jullier