Starting-Up Networks

Good Practice: Starting-Up Networks

In mid-2008, SDC created a number of thematic and management networks. During the initial period, a variety of tools were elaborated that support actors to successfully build up new networks.

Tool Description
Start-up GuideIn this five page document with nice illustrations seven core issues for launching a network are discussed briefly and a list of 10 hints from practitioners how to make a network sucessful is provided.
Facilitating NetworksGood practices and important questions to ask when you consider setting up or improving a network. Based on experiences of DFID staff; a practical 9-page document by DFID
Launching a Network: Start Fitness CheckThisdocument summarises many networking experiences in form of guiding questions. The test is adapted from a fitness test forCoPsand helps optimising the shape of an upcoming network.
Training-OffersAtwo-page list of interesting trainings and courses related to set-up and maintenance of networks. Have a look and chose what's best for you.
Supporting Thematic Communities - the Helvetas Experience On the basis of its experiences over the best part of a decade, Helvetas created the current document, providing some insights and recommendations for setting up and sustaining thematic networks and CoPs.