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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A survey about the use of m​ultimedia at the SDC in 2015 revealed a high interest in this topic and a need to further develop multimedia in practice. The list below provides you with good examples of already existing multimedia products created to support the work at the SDC.

The use of multimedia has several advantages. It enhances text-only messages by adding images and sound, moreover audiences are highly attentive to visual messages. Multimedia can increase learning effectiveness because it addresses the different senses and therefore are more appealing over traditional, lecture-based learning methods. It can also help to reflect upon your own experiences made or to talk about failures, for instance through a digital story.

Multimedia products have shown a huge potential for learning. That is why we highly support the further development of multimedia at the SDC. Find inspiration below of what is possible now.

If you want to get active right away, read the Multimedia Storytelling inside SDC - A Practical Guide
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  • Global Aid to Development

    The sector of global cooperation at the SDC shows  it's way of working with concrete examples in six short videos. The films were presented to friends and relatives of the collaborators during a theater performance. Catch a glimpse of the evening in this video:

    Global Aid to Development
  • Innovative rural female leader by SDC Mongolia

    The short clip shows how video can be used to promote collaboration among herders in Western Mongolia.

    ​The communication officer of the cooperation office in Mongolia produced a short video about innovative rural female leaders after her participation in a digital storytelling workshop.
  • Video Culture and Development Policy

    In 2015 the SDC's new Culture and Development policy was adopted and following implemented in a video. The video explains the three parts of the cultural program: Interculturality; support to arts and culture in the SDC's partner countries (the cultural percent); and the culture programme in Switzerland.

    Culture and Development Policy
  • The Global Programme Water Initiatives

    An animated video explains the programmes, projects and contributions of the Global Programme Water Initiatives

    Video The Global Programme Water Initiatives
  • Voices from within

    People from the headquarter and from the field tell about their experiences with SDC's further training programme

    Video voices from within

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  • Global Aid to Development

  • Experience Capitalisation Media

  • Innovative rural female leader by SDC Mongolia

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