About Learning and Networking

Our Team

​​The SDC Learning & Networking Team guides the organisation on its way to becoming a learning organisation and informs senior management about the status of learning within SDC. It facilitates internal discussions on how knowledge can be shared, lessons can be learnt, practices can be improved and how development efforts can become more effective. The Team also advises collaborators, managers and partners. It opens up and shares questions, opinions and discoveries on how good ideas and concepts can translate into improved practices wi​thin the wider community.




From left to right: Carmen Eckert, Andrea Siclari, Marie Marchand, Kuno Schläfli, Natalie Frei

The Team supports SDC’s networks, capitalises their experiences with learning in networks, manages and facilitates knowledge generation and learning projects.

Our Mission

Our partners in the South and East require knowledge for their development. SDC assists them by facilitating the generation of knowledge and providing access to it.

We understand knowledge management and a culture of learning in Swiss international cooperation as instruments to enhance communication and participation in societal development as well as instruments to foster empowerment.

Knowledge sharing and learning are part of every SDC collaborators’ daily work. Knowledge management, networking and a culture of learning are instruments of SDC to enhance the quality and effectiveness of Swiss international cooperation.

This website is managed by SDC’s Learning & Networking Team. We are part of SDC’s Knowledge-Learning-Culture division. Our team provides guidance for knowledge sharing and learning practices. We advise and support managers, collaborators and partners.

Our Point of View

“Knowledge management and institutional learning are not ends in themselves. These activities must be in the service of the organisation as a means towards achieving its goals. The point of departure for all learning should be the intended effectiveness, efficiency and quality.”

SDC Senior Management Response to the evaluation “Knowledge management and institutional learning in SDC”, March 2009